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Rainbow flower:
my school of the future

Girls and boys from the different regions of Ecuador participate in a workshop to create the school of the future. Through exercises and educational resources, children seek to answer the question: what do you want school to be like after the Covid-19 pandemic? While participating in the workshop, the girls and boys share their experiences and stories of how they continued to study in confinement due to the emergency sanitary. This documentary seeks to show resilient girls and boys who persevere despite the difficulties they face and fight to continue studying.
We want to encourage children to think critically using tools from the philosophy model for children and John Dewey's school-laboratory model. Through the workshop, we seek to give them the space to express their interests, dislikes and opinions about education and school. So everyone can help build the school of the future.

A World Bank study in 2020, states that, before the global pandemic of COVID-19, worldwide, 258 million children and adolescents were not attending school. This shows that schooling has bigger problems than the closure of schools due to the pandemic. Here in Ecuador we have one of the highest school dropout rates in Latin America. Given the difficulty facing the state, families and the children themselves. The documentary seeks to collaborate in the search for anchor points so that children can be heard and can participate in the construction of a school that responds to their needs, interests and personal realities. As audiovisual producers and educators, we believe that education is a powerful tool to empower children around the world. And from this motivation, we have created "Rainbow flower: my school of the future"

Flor arcoíris.jpeg


Duration: 62 minutes
Target: school children, educators
Release date: 15. February 2023
International exhibition: NHK (Japan)
Director: Diana Molina
Production: Jacob Valladares



Why is the project important ?

Actual state

Hoso Bunka Foundation Prize 2021


“Rainbowflower: My School of the future” Wins Hoso Bunka Foundation Prize in TV Proposal Division

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