Tinamú Films is and independent production company of films, audiovisuals, TV programs, graphic desing and photography. We specialize in the production of children's contents, having worked in the “Veo Veo” Children's Strip and with productions that have been nominated in several international festivals including the prestigious Japan Prize 2017 and the Prix Jeunesse 2015. Our team has gained experience by participating in all areas of audiovisual production, both nationally and internationally. We are based in Quito, Ecuador.


Juan Jacob Valladares Lanzer, was born in a Judeo-Ecuadorian-German family. He was able to live in several countries and speaks three languages ​​(German, Spanish and English). Being in constant contact with different cultures has allowed him to develop the capacity and sensitivity to appreciate cultural differences and try to understand them in their essence. He has a technologist's degree on film direction and acting from INCINE film school in Quito, Ecuador.

He has lived in the Ecuadorian Amazon, which has constituted his great love for nature and the Siona-Secoya culture.  He has produced and co-directed four television programs for children: "Lili and her great book of animals", "Today I cook! (season 1 and 2) " and  

"Payanga" an stopmotion serie. With these programs he has participated in several prestigious international festivals such as, Prix Jeunesse Iberoamerica 2015, TELAS Sao Paulo International TV Festival 2015, Festival of rural and indigenous film Arica Nativa 2015, Children's TV Festival Dyptiako 2015 and Japan Prize 2017, to name a few. He has produced the medium length film "Sin carnaval, ni comparsa", winner of the best short film prize in the national festival Kunturñawi 2010. He is currently in the post-production of his first documentary film "AIRO PAI", which deals with the friendship between the director and Nelson Payaguaje, member of the Secoya nationality of Ecuador. He has participated in several seminars and workshops: a documentary seminar with Patricio Guzmán, a Jan-Willem Bult children's production workshop and a direction workshop with John Strassberg.

He is aware of the vulnerability of nature and the threat that  different ethnic groups have to deal with, as a result of the influence of the dominant cultures. He has set as a life goal to make visible to the world, injustices done to nature or minority groups.


Diana Molina, was born in Quito. Her childhood was spent between the city of Quito and areas of the Ecuadorian coast. From a young age she became interested in writing and made her first short film in high school. From that moment on, she fell in love with the cinematographic art as a form of expression and a vehicle to tell stories. She graduated from New Westminster, Canada and returned to Ecuador to begin her film studies at  INCINE Film and Acting Institute. 

In 2009 her short film "Cenizas" was awarded the best shortfilm prize at the Kunturñawi Festival and in 2012 she won a scholarship to study a master's degree at the ESCAC in Barcelona. She has a Master in Film Business from the Film and Audiovisual School of Catalonia (ESCAC), center attached to the University of Barcelona. She also holds a bachelor's degree in Film and Audiovisual from the University of Cuenca, Ecuador. She worked as a screenwriter for the Veo Veo Children's Strip of RTVECUADOR and MIES. She wrote the scripts for TV programs such as: "Lili and her great book of animals", "Payanga", "Tino and his friends", "Luna de Queso: Brujillo" and "Luna de Queso: Animalanzas". The scripts of the last two programs were adapted from the children's stories "Brujillo" by Catalina Sojos and "Animalanzas" by Juan Carlos Morales. During her time in the Veo Veo Children's Strip she received training on screenwriting for children, with maestro Alejandro Malowicki. She accompanied the writing and development process of more than 20 programs that were produced within the Veo Veo TV strip, among them: "Wawa Kichwa", "Te Quiero Contar", "Babau, te puedo preguntar?", "Los Pirulos" "Perinola "and " Súper Felipe ", just to name a few.

She has worked as a producer of the stop motion TV program "Payanga" and as an assistant director on the TV program "Lili and her great book of animals". She also collaborated in the production of the season 2 of the children's cooking program "Hoy, cocino yo!" She is the screenwriter of the documentary "Airo Pai" and also was part of the production team. Diana, also works as a teacher at the INCINE film and acting institute in Quito, Ecuador.


Segundo Carlos Fuérez Quilumbaquín, originally from the Kichwa community Yambiro of the city of Otavalo. The loss of his parents is the greatest motivation and reason why he entered the audiovisual world with the aim of materializing the words fill of ancestral wisdom, that his parents instilled in him in his childhood and adolescence.  He defines himself as a farmer and has been linked with older adults from communities around Otavalo through literacy workshops, and also with children, adolescents and young people from the communities of Ecuador and other countries sharing the magic of animation to rescue oral stories.


In 2009 he produces a short film in animation called "YAKU WIKI", which participates in several national and international festivals. He won the jury prize in the Primer Plano University Short Film Competition in 2012 and the prize for the best experimental short film for animation at the Kunturñawi Festival 2009. In 2010 he was awarded a scholarship to study Photography and Sound for Film and TV, at INCINE film school. During his studies, he collaborates as a Photographer, Illuminator, Soundman, Microfonist, Editor and Grip in several audiovisual projects of his colleagues from the career. In 2013 he graduated as a Technologist in Photography and Sound for Film and TV. In 2014 he premiered his short film "Kuychi Pucha" that has participated in more than 30 festivals and has been awarded as "Best Production in Original Language" at the 2015 Colibrí Awards, as the best fiction at the KINKINYARI peoples and nationalities festival in 2015 and a honorable mention at the FICWALLMAPU international film festival in Chile 2015. In 2015 he worked as animation director of the stopmotion TV program "Payanga" which has been selected at the festivals "DYPTIAKO" in Ukraine and "Arica Nativa" in Chile. He is 2D and stop motion animator . In 2016 he made the web series "Yuyay / Ideas" which was an official selection at the World Public Interest TV Conference INPUT, Greece 2017. In 2017 he launched a web series on Field Foods and is about to launch a children's web series about activities of the fields.


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