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Killa is a city girl who moves to the countryside after her mother's death. Once there, her grandmother teaches her how to work the fields.A red bird lure her to an abandoned house in the woods to calm her suffering. When her grandmother suffers an accident, Killa must take care of her and the activities in the field, confronting the birds that eat her crops.

"My parents embraced my childhood with dozens of oral stories full of magic and teaching for life. Since they left this material world, I immersed myself in the cinematographic world to immortalize their words and that, through these productions, they stay alive. "Puka Urpi" is a film inspired by one of these oral histories that, through Killa, explores my childhood memories rooted in country life with activities and beliefs that make it a magical and unique world".                                            

                             Segundo Fuerez, director

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Film Info


Duration: 64 minutes

Rating : 7 years up
Director: Segundo Fuerez.

Screenplay: Segundo Fuerez, Diana Molina, Jacob Valladares.

Production: Segundo Fuerez, Jacob Valladares. Production companies: RUNAnimation, Tinamú Films.

Fiction feature film


Director's note

The film is nearly finished . We are now in Post Production.
PUKA URPI won funds from the "National Film Institute in Ecuador" for production in 2017 and post production in 2023. We won colorization services at the "FICVIÑA Independent Film Festival" in Chile 2021 with the company HD Argentina. The film, also was selected in the WIP of the "25th Florianápolis Audiovisual Mercosur International Film Festival". The film participated in the "Latin American Film Festival in Vancouver" 2021 in the Work in Progress.

Actual state

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