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an Amazon dance story

An  Amazonian teenager decides to follow her passion and fulfill her dream of participating in a K-POP interschool dance contest despite the fact that her brothers and her mother demand that she assumes the role of caretaker that has been imposed on women for generations.

Motivation letter

"Even in the year 2021, to be a woman in Latin America is to be at a disadvantage. Across the region, girls still must live under patriarchal rule that forces them to become mothers, housewives, caregivers and providers. Leaving aside, at an early age, their dreams and education. Through the story of Yayë, I try to promote the search for options and values, so that girls, boys and teens in the region can be seen beyond situations of violence or social injustice. Adolescence is a stage of definition and it is important to start building local film references that empower the viewers by sharing stories of struggle, hope and joy in the face of adversity."

Diana Molina, director

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Estimated duration: 80 minutes

Script: Diana Molina, Jacob Valladares
Director: Diana Molina
Producer: Jacob Valladares

Feature Film

The project had a stage of development in the online workshop "Creation of film and audiovisual plots for children" taught by Nadia González Dávila at the Ojo de Pescado Festival 2021 and participated in the "1st Ojo de Pescado LAB" in Chile. The project was awarded the prize to attend the “Pitch your treatment” space of the International Schlingel Festival 2022 in Germany. The project was selected to participate in "Los Proyectos Cinematográficos de Atitlán: Workshop for the Evolution of Low Budget Projects" in Guatemala. Currently, we are working on the script and the development stage of the project.

Actual state

WINDOW TO THE WORLD – Project Presentations in Various Production Stages 
The project workshop Window to the World throws its glance out into the world to focus on projects in various stages of production. This section of SCHLiNGEL’s INDUSTRY FORUM, therefore, offers the opportunity for presenters to find distributors or future partners to co-produce.

Los Proyectos Cinematográficos de Atitlán: Taller para la Evolución de Proyectos de Bajo Presupuesto

Anuncio de seleccionados de Los Proyectos cinematográficos de Atitlán: taller para la evolución de proyectos de bajo presupuesto

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